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  • Hammer Nutrition

    At HAMMER NUTRITION SA we pride ourselves in providing you with not only the best endurance fuels in the world , but added to that the best knowledge & training advice for your events .

    From years of experience in endurance we have an amazing library of endurance data to share with you.Hammer Products have distinct advantages that differentiate it from its competitors as detailed below :
    1.Carbs: Not all carbs are alike; Hammer only uses long chain sugars (maltodextrin). All of the other companies use some form of simple sugar, even if it’s from natural fruit. Many use both the long chain sugar (maltodextrin) and short chain sugar (Fructose, Dextrose, Sucrose, Natural Fruit) which contrast the effects of each other and thus render the properties of the long chain sugar ineffective.

    2.Sodium: Hammer promotes a low sodium diet and thus low sodium needs during training and events. Electrolyte replacement is not all sodium, but a delicate blend of the electrolyte minerals in specific percentages. All of these other companies view high sodium as the answer to stave off dehydration.

    Other Hammer Nutrition benefits

    • Health Food for Athletes – no simple sugars, Fructose or other forms of simple sugars, no artificial flavors or colors, GMO-free products
    • utilize xylitol beneficial for gum and dental health.
    • Provides large amount of free nutritional advice and information on how to fuel.
    • Price is value compared to other gels and sports drinks on the market.
    • Promotes Low Sodium diet and thus low sodium needs during training and events.
    • Promotes intake of calories of what you can assimilate, not what you have to replace.
    • Uses very high quality ingredients in all products

    All Hammer products Diabetic friendly and endorsed by the Diabetic and Wellness association. ( and

    So whether it is sprint or olympic distance triathlons to Ironman or Multisport , adventure cycle racing to marathons , we at Hammer can offer you fuels that will not only make you go the distance, but will also improve your performance time, remember “FUEL RIGHT , FEEL GREAT

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    Ice Toolz are manufacturers of quality affordable bicycle maintenance equipment 

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